Project type: Comprehensive Promotion in SMM

Period: April 2022 - present

Wok Lagman, a cozy eatery nestled along one of Astana's bustling streets, always took pride in serving up the freshest and most delightful dishes while enveloping its guests in an authentic dining experience. However, despite these earnest efforts, the restaurant faced a challenge: attracting more diners and gaining recognition in the community.

That's when the idea of seeking help from a marketing agency came into play. Our initial meeting was promising, and we swiftly realized that the restaurant needed a well-thought-out marketing campaign and a strong online presence. Our journey began with a deep dive into the local market and a thorough analysis of competitors. From there, we developed a strategy focused on attracting new customers while keeping the loyal ones coming back for more.

In our quest to boost Wok Lagman's profile, we took a multi-pronged approach. We organized captivating photo shoots and produced enticing videos, sharing this content on platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. Each week, we launched a series of ad campaigns, each targeted to appeal to different audiences on different digital platforms.

Our efforts extended beyond the digital realm, we also ran engaging ads in local media and we managed the restaurant's presence on 2GIS.

After a year of working with Wok Lagman, we stepped back to evaluate our work and were heartened by the realization that a thoughtful marketing strategy, driven by quality content and targeted advertising, could significantly increase brand awareness and attract a diverse range of customers.

Over the course of our two-year partnership, we organized more than 20 photo shoots, produced more than 50 compelling videos and executed more than 200 advertising campaigns. The results were remarkable: Wok Lagman saw an increase in customer traffic, became a recognizable and popular destination in the city, and even prompted the owner to open two more locations. Satisfied customers consistently praised both the delicious cuisine and the impeccable service.

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