DC Hyundai Astana

Project Type: Comprehensive Promotion in SMM

Period: July 2021 - present

Placement: Instagram, Facebook

We started working with Hyundai Astana, a dealership center, in 2021. Their primary objective was to draw in more visitors due to the high level of competition among similar centers. Hyundai is a leading brand in Kazakhstan, so it was important to stand out with unique positioning on social media.

Firstly, we conducted market analysis, studied the characteristics of the target audience, and identified the most effective channels for drawing attention to the dealership center. Secondly, we came up with unique ideas and a content plan to highlight what makes their cars special.

Within the project, we organized several photoshoots and filmed videos of various formats, including product showcases, reviews, trends, and entertainment content. Additionally, we launched advertising campaigns with diverse objectives by testing and adjusting them based on the results.

One noteworthy aspect of the project was our active use of promotional tools to capture the audience's attention and reveal the unique features of the cars, also with special offers to customers. We created and promoted specialized content to highlight the expertise and professionalism of the dealership center's staff.

In the Hyundai Astana project, our agency also handled audience comments on the client's social media platforms. We responded to inquiries, resolved issues, and maintained the brand's official tone of voice. This helped strengthen the connection between the company and its customers, enhance trust levels and improve Hyundai Astana's reputation in the eyes of potential buyers. Moreover, we analyzed audience comments and used the gathered insights to enhance the dealership center's operations.

We are proud to have aided the Hyundai Astana dealership in gaining new customers and strengthening its reputation in the automotive services market. Thanks to our efforts, the center received numerous favorable reviews and comments, and its social media account emerged as one of the most widely-recognized and coveted among the target group.

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