Orlov Bani

Project Type: Comprehensive Promotion in SMM

Period: July 2022 - Present

Placement: Instagram, Facebook

The hotel and restaurant complex "Orlov Bani" launched a competition to select an agency with the aim of increasing the number of enquiries for house reservations in their premises. Our team carried out a thorough analysis of the quality of enquiries received by the reservations department, researched the sauna and bathing market in Astana and formulated an optimal marketing strategy.

A notable aspect of this project was the relatively high cost of reservations at “Orlov Bani”, along with a substantial average bill. The target audience we wanted to reach was financially capable and discerning. As a result, we conducted tests and launched several advertising campaigns with different objectives to attract the attention of the complex and learn how to communicate effectively with the audience.

Monthly photo shoots and video productions were carried out to create visually compelling content tailored to our target audience. We also worked with influencers to draw the attention of their followers to the complex, resulting in a significant increase in brand awareness.

The complex's bathhouse attendants possess in-depth knowledge and professional skills, which enables them to provide expert advice to customers. We acknowledge the significance of highlighting this expertise. To achieve this, we have developed high-quality content that showcases the unique features and benefits of "Orlov Bani", alongside information regarding the skillset of the attendants.

In addition, we used promotional tools to communicate to our target audience that “Orlov Bani” is not only a sauna experience, but also a destination for exclusive services and consultations provided by professionals.

Another unique aspect of the project was the significant differences between the various cottages within the complex, which could potentially confuse future customers. Our agency addressed this by developing comprehensive information for each cottage, enabling customers to choose the option that best matched their needs and preferences.

As a result of these improvements, “Orlov Bani” customers were able to easily identify and book the cottage that best suited their requirements. Endorphin helped to remove barriers that could have deterred potential customers and contributed to an increase in reservations.

Our efforts have resulted in a significant increase in the reservation rate at Orlov Bani. Through our marketing strategy, the client was able to attract new customers interested in the complex's offerings.

Our partnership has lasted for over a year, during which time we have achieved a noticeable growth in bookings and revenue of the complex.

In conclusion, our approach to marketing and customer engagement has enabled “Orlov Bani” to attract a wider client base, increase sales and strengthen its reputation as a leading center of professional experience.

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